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The Misfits

These paintings are the black sheep of the family. They emerged from my intuition, individuals that wanted to go their own way and tell a different story from the one I was working on. Some were inspired by Scotland, another wild place I am lucky enough to visit regularly, others were completed during a course or appeared as the result of play and experimentation. They do not fit into a series or hang together as a collection, but were still nurtured and coaxed into being with the same amount of love and attention. And so I thought that they deserved a bit of the limelight too.

I’ve always loved the idea of a painting holding more meaning than just aesthetics and this idea of giving misfits a place to shine, a reminder to have their worth recognised, is something that these paintings now represent for me and hopefully will resonate with others too.

I hope you enjoy browsing... just scroll down and click on an image to see more details and pictures of each piece.

I'd like to make buying online as pleasurable as possible, so if you are undecided please get in touch to arrange a no obligation video viewing or ask me any questions you may have.

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