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Private commissions

Want something more personal? I can help you. Commissioning a bespoke piece of art can be a really pleasurable experience, and will lead to a unique and meaningful piece of artwork will fit you and your home perfectly.

Imagine being able to have a piece of art that not only was beautiful to look at, but was layered with personal meaning. A picture you look at everyday that not only do you love, but is a gentle reminder of exciting possibilities and which evoke joyful feelings or memories.


Sometimes people have commissioned me to paint a picture in memorial to a loved one that has passed away. In this case I collage copies of personal memorabilia into the painting to become part of the abstract landscape. These pieces of collage are only noticeable on close inspection and the meaning of any written text can be easily hidden within the picture if you prefer. If music was important to them I can collage in sheet music or paint while listening to a particular song to get the energy of the music into the brush strokes. (see examples below)

How it works

A commission will always start with a conversation so I can get as clear as possible on what you want, colour palettes, sense of place etc and I will send you preliminary sketches before starting the painting. If you are not completely satisfied with the end commission then there is no obligation to buy, though it would be on the understanding that I have permission to sell the painting. Any personal collage will be disguised before selling on.


I draw on my experience of working with people’s energy to connect with the intention or emotion you would like the painting to invoke. If you would like to know more about how I do this, please read my blog, or follow me on instagram.


If you would like to discuss a commission with no obligation to proceed please contact me here. They start at £280 for 16 x 16 inch wood panel.

Past commission examples

Anchor 1

Sally's Garden

This was a commission of a recently deseased mother's garden, which had been her pride and joy. However to make it even more meaningful various family photos and memorabilia were carefully collaged into the painting. They can only be seen on close inspection and even then the meaning of some of them will only really be clear to the owner.


A Place to Be


This painting was commissioned by someone who wanted a reminder of the importance of staying in the present and let go of worries. It's loosely based on a place she went in New Zealand which she fell in love with and felt at peace. There is a piece of sheet music of a song which is very meaningful to her, as well as echoing the intention she wanted to invoke. I place a reference to knitting as this is a craft she loves and finds quite meditative. There is also some script hidden in there which lists places and experiences where she has felt truely present, connected, joyful and alive. There is also a some handwriting of her mothers as well as names of other people that are important to her.


It's Clear which Path to Take

This painting was commissioned by someone who is from Scotland but who is now living in New Mexico. She wanted not only a reminder of her homeland but also something to represent that exciting changes were possible in her life. I added not only personal touches, such as the merged maps of Scotland and New Mexico and symbols of her creative passions, but also used techniques in the actual process to add positive energy and intention. These included affirmations in the first layers of the painting, painting to the ganesh mantra (she feels an affinity with Ganesh and already has several images and statues so I wanted to find a different way of adding the energy in), flower remedies and numerology. I delighted to say she very quickly found a new job and clear direction in life.

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