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Here are a few testimonials from collectors of my work. The words and photos are entirely their own, published with their permission and my thanks.

"I find Fiona's art captures the very essence of the beautiful landscape and flora and fauna of Cornwall, where she lives. 

I have one of Fiona's paintings in my home and I'm constantly drawn to look at it, to sense the atsmosphere, texture and depth of it, as the hills and valley covered in wild flowers and bracken, tumble along with the stream to the distant horizon and the sea.

To own one of Fiona's unique painting is to own something very special which will bring both pleasure and contemplation to anyone who loves this beautiful county."

Cathy G, Yorkshire 


"We have bought numerous paintings over the years but Fiona's really stands out.


Not only is it a beautiful image but it has personal elements that mean a great deal, including my deceased mum's handwriting and bars of favourite music. The colours ae stunning and reflect a precious memory. It hangs above my bed and brings me joy everyday.

Thank you Fiona"

Dawn H, Cornwall


"Love, love love having Fiona's amazing art on my walls. It is so special. It brings me joy every time I walk through the door"

Felicity W, Cornwall


"I asked Fiona to create an artwork for my husband in memory of his parents. The artwork is incredibly personal to my husband, conjuring up special memories of his mum and dad in many subtle ways. Fiona had many conversations with me during the process of painting so that she could get a strong sense of the relationships, the garden and the family memories. She wanted to make sure she created a painting that conveyed the connections and memories accurately and beautifully. She did just that - The painting has an emotional depth to it, with snippets of personal images woven into the garden scene. It was lovely to discover all the memories ‘hidden’ in the painting - tiny photos, musical lyrics and notes, and other meaningful family references. So special, it really was an emotional moment to receive such a personal art work. We are very grateful to Fiona for creating such a beautiful tribute to two special people in our lives. 

Valerie and Liam H, Scotland

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