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Headlands and Rockpools

A selection of paintings from 2020 to 2021

These paintings are inspired by two very different perspectives of the Cornish coast. The wide open vistas and sense of space that standing on a headland  invokes, and the intricate little worlds of rockpools.   It was only when I finished these paintings that I realised how this inspiration links to the last year of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns. Our worlds getting smaller and feeling safe like in the rock pools but also the want to travel, see new things and people, like standing on a cliff, looking out to sea breathing in fresh air.

The following paintings are inspired by the same theme as my larger work, but I wanted to make art accessible to all, so these are smaller pieces that are all under £100. Everyone can find room for these versatile little gems ,whether that is on the wall or resting on a shelf, and several hung together can make a great impact. Although small, they usually have the same number of layers and use of different techniques that my larger pieces have.

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