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A Pool of Kindness

25cm x 25cm unframed.

A mixed media piece which includes found collage and my own handmade collage papers, with ink and acrylic on paper.

Due to the nature of this piece it is advisable to frame it behind UV protective glass.


This lovely, textural collage is the sister piece to A Kind of Shore (click on the right hand image below). Both were created during my #100dayproject on Instagram, where I was using techniques from my career as a kinesiologist and life long interest in different spiritual practices, to put positive energy into a painting. I used handmade papers, sheet music pages from a dictionary as well as my own handmade collage papers. I also used my own homemade rose ink to put the energy of this lovely plant into the artwork. Many legends and different religions associate this plant with love and angels. It certainly smelt amazing although sadly the smell has now faded. Hopefully some of that lovely energy remains in the collage. It was also by sheer coincidence that the word 'kind' was in the sheet music, which felt very appropriate to add into the work. 

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