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This piece was named after the  fabulous book by Raynor Winn. The title refers to the south west coast path, part of which I'm lucky to have has my local walk. I have also walked a few sections over several days, walking all day to the next point covering about 50 miles over 4 days. It is so restorative, nothing to do all day but put one foot in front of the other and keep the sea on you right. This painting  reminded of the feeling of the salty air on your tongue and the breeze across your cheeks  (and lets face it sometimes missle or horizontal rain). The zig zaggging paths that can be brutal in their steepness, but feel so good when you get to the top. The beautiful old harbours that you stumble across on your way. Now where is my back pack....

The Salt Path


60 x 60 x 5cm    Oil and mixed media on a deep cradled wood panel.

Sealed with a UV resistant varnish and cold wax finish.

D rings and strung ready to hang

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