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The Immersion Series

This collection firstly came about by me being thoroughly immersed in the process of painting. I was playing around with new techniques and materials and discovered a way of working that was completely absorbing. I found myself painting what it feels like to be immersed in the sea, from free diving in calm waters or swimming in exhilarating surf. This naturally led onto how it feels to be in the landscape. How I can find myself completely immersed in the beauty of nature, not just the colours, textures, but the feel of the wind on my cheeks, the sounds of the skylark in the air or sea rushing against rocks. I hope these paintings take you back to similar experiences, and the sense of wellbeing that they bring.

I hope you enjoy browsing these abstract landscapes... just click on an image to see more details and pictures of each piece.

I want to make buying online as pleasurable as possible, so if you are undecided please get in touch to arrange a no obligation video viewing or ask me any questions you may have.

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